Litigation in Egypt.Legal consultations in Egypt.

Choosing our law firm in Egypt, you get a full range of legal services in Egypt:

  • Full legal support of business in Egypt;
  • One-time legal counsel in Egypt and the services of experienced jurists of Egypt;
  • Drawing up contracts of sale of real estate in Egypt, the rental of all types of property in Egypt - Sharm El Sheikh;
  • Legal due diligence of real estate transactions in Egypt - legal support of transactions of sale of residential and commercial real estate in Egypt, the legal support of transactions of sale of land in Egypt, the lease transactions of residential and commercial real estate in Egypt;
  • Participation in the courts of Egypt, from filing a claim on all civil, criminal, labor, disputes, including - legal disputes between landlords and tenants of real estate Egypt
  • Representation in state and municipal governments of Egypt, including in the organs of the registration of real estate transactions of Egypt;
  • Registration and protection of intellectual property in Egypt - legal services for patent registration in Egypt, trademarks and trade names in Egypt;

For communication with one of our lawyers in Egypt about legal support in Egypt (speaking in English, Italy) is enough to send a message by email or telephone, including liaison Skype.


Intellectual property in Egypt.

Egypt Law Firm's official patent attorneys, we provide all the legal services in Egypt for registration of patents, trademarks and trade namesin Egypt.
Egypt Law Firm official patent attorneys have extensive experience and have wide-ranging know-how in the national and international protection and commercial exploitation of intellectual property rights especially in computer technology and telecommunication issues. We offer legal services in Egypt include representation in all aspects of computer and telecommunication hardware acquisitions; software licensing, development, and maintenance agreements; Internet, and electronic mail issues; and multimedia and intellectual property issues
Commercial Contracts in Egypt.
Egypt Law Firm is regularly involved in the design and drafting of agreements and other documents relating to a variety of commercial transactions, and advises on all areas relating to the negotiation and drafting of commercial agreements in Egypt, and provides general commercial legal advice in Egypt.
We can help with:

  • Various types of cooperation agreements in Egypt, such as sales agreements, leases, licensing agreements in Egypt, terms and conditions of sale, transfer of technology, management and agencies, consortium agreements R&D agreements, joint venture agreements, service contracts and sub-contracting agreements.
  • Production/distribution/competition – Manufacturing contracts, supply contracts, warehousing contracts, procurement contracts.
  • Commercial leases, including leasehold rights and drafting and negotiation of leases.
  • Labor and Employment Lawin Egypt.
  • Egypt Law Firm has extensive experience in the field of labor-management relations and is dedicated to helping its clients become more proactive in all related matters to prevent legal issues before they arise. The Firm advises its clients on contracts of employment in addition to handling the negotiation, drafting and termination of employment contracts, policies, employee benefit plans and compensation.

Legal advice

We offer legal advice in Egypt with:

  • Drafting and negotiating various types of employment contracts and non-compete agreements,
  • Drafting employee internal regulations, handbooks and codes of ethics,
  • Preserving intellectual property rights related to the employment relationship,
  • Dismissals, redundancies & reduced working time agreements,
  • Defending employers against claims filed by former, current, and prospective employees,
  • Advising employers on issues relating to organized labor including union organizing activities, representation elections, and arbitration,
  • Application for resident permits in Egypt, & work permits in Egypt,
  • Facility closure, labor redundancy, Employee transfers.